Why You Should Properly Turn Off Your PC

Are you done with your work? Its now time to turn off your PC and are you so tired clicking that little peace of button on your start screen and just hit the turn off button? Well, you should! Because there are risks on not properly turning off your PC.

Here are the reasons why you should turn off your PC properly

Blue Screen of Death or BSOD

BSOD or blue screen of death
Bradford, England – May 23, 2011: Close up of an LCD screen showing the “The Blue Screen Of Death”. This is the page that famously comes up when Microsoft Windows has crashed.

The bluescreen of death appears when something is broken on your system. Sometime it’s a hardware related issue such as broken ram or broken power supply unit. Why broken power supply unit? If you have not turned off properly your PC for like almost all the time. Eventually, those little peace of diodes break down because of the sudden loss of power.

When you power off your PC properly these diodes has the time to cut off the power from their system thus giving them a long life. Unlike when your suddenly turn it off where power suddenly stopped they do not have time to react and just kill itself.

Broken RAM

Are you aware that suddenly turning off your PC will cause a great harm on your RAM. Why? Because during normal use your RAM is running like it should normally do using its resources and of course memory into your system.

And now you turn it off suddenly, those micro processing immediately cuts their power to your system causing a hard reset and eventually killing processing directly to your RAM which your RAM do not have time to react on this sudden power loss.

Broken CMOS Battery

If you constantly not properly turning off your PC, your CMOS battery will eventually loss its power and will give you headache. Why headache? Because a broken CMOS is hard to diagnose. You will notice your PC won’t start and you will think that your power supply unit is broken. But its not. Or your RAM is broken but probably not!

You ran out of options and you think your motherboard is broken but its NOT! Your CMOS battery probably died out! You replace all those expensive parts yet you just found out that your CMOS battery is the culprit which costs like 4$!

To sum it up

In conclusion it is very good to power down your PC properly and not just unplug its power socket because you are tired to wait for it. Everything has a consequences that includes not properly turning off your PC has a consequence. An expensive one.

Can Hackers Easily Hack Credit Cards?

Well, hackers can hack any network if it has security flaws but not easily. Hacking can be a combination of technical and social skills! Yes social. You have to work with how you interact with people because sometimes you won’t only need your coding skills. Watch movies about hacking to get to know more on what I am talking about, and for the question can hackers easily hack credit cards? Yes! they can but as I have said NOT EASILY. Learn below why.

The use of credit cards is increasing day by day. Nowadays, people are making most of their payments through plastic cards. With the rising trend of credit cards, the numbers of hackers are inclining. Nowadays, hacking has become simple and easy. The companies are using different layers of security to protect their customers from fraud.

You know one of my best tip to protect your own credit card details from hackers online is that you use a credit card generator service. These services are many online and you can easily generate a valid credit card number complete with details if you can use them.

Hackers can do anything, whether it is hacking of credit cards or personal information. That’s why the risk of hacking has reached its peak. Many websites work with a hundred percent security and safety but somehow get trapped by hackers. Hacking of credit card becomes easy when the hacker gets the knowledge of personal data.

But let me tell you one thing that piracy is illegal, and it may cause several problems to be hackers. People are using the online platform in the daily routine.

Can Hackers Easily Hack Credit Cards
Stealing a credit card through a laptop concept for computer hacker, network security and electronic banking security

Things to Consider While Using Credit Cards

When the person uses their credit cards with the utmost care and attention, then hacking reduces. Whenever the person wants to make a payment through a credit card, they should check whether the website is genuine. The person should keep themselves safe from hackers if they are taking precautions. Now we are discussing the important points which the person should keep in mind while using cards.

Never Share Your Credit Card Information.

The person should never share their card details with the third person. Today we live in a modern world, so everyone has innovative skills to hack the accounts. So the person can keep themselves away from hackers only if they do not share their information with anyone. By sharing the credit card details, the hacker can easily debit money from their accounts.

Whenever the person asked you to share the card details, you should inform the bank to take the person’s strict action. Hacking is illegal in every part of the country, so you should keep yourself safe from fraud. People sometimes share their account number with their friends because they trust them, but let me tell you that you should not trust anyone.

The worst part about the plastic card is that you cannot change your account number, so it’s better to keep your account number safe with yourself.

Make Payment Carefully, Watch Your Surroundings.

It is important to be aware of your surrounding when exposing your credit card on the public. Attackers will only need your credit card number, name, expiration date and 3-digit CVV code to use your credit card on online purchases. This is probably the easiest way for hackers to hack a credit card.

Another important point the person should consider is that they should use credit cards in the right places. There are many shopping websites, but only some of them provide safety. Before making any payment, the person should check the security features from the site.

Many crimes arise when the person uploads their card information on shopping websites without any knowledge. If you want to order a product, then you should always prefer cash on delivery rather than putting card information if you think that the website is not safe. Online shopping is the most significant cause that has given rise to hacking.

When the person orders goods and services from various sites, they enter their card information for making the payment. Sometimes the website is not genuine, which provides the information to the hacker.

Role of One-time Password

The bank has given the facility a one-time password, which means that when the person uses their card, they need to fill the unique code to confirm the payment. The unique system plays a vital role in protecting the card from hackers.

The person should not share a one-time password with anyone. If you share your code, no one can protect you if your account is debited. The system is active for about a minute, so you should immediately enter the code if you are using your card.

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