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pokemon go hacks and cheats

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that has taken the world by storm. With its growing popularity, many players are looking for ways to get ahead of other players by hacking the game and creating exploits using the game glitches and bugs.

This article is a complete guide on understanding if the Pokemon Go cheats available online are real or they’re all just FAKE! This article will cover how these fake generator/cheats make tons of money from naive users using their fake tools.

Fake Pokemon Hack/Cheat Tool

Fake Pokemon Go bots are everywhere online, but how can you tell if they are real or not? Because generally those pokemon go cheats will claim that their tool works by making it available for FREE!

Check out its reviews online and see if people are complaining about how it didn’t work or the customer service was bad.

Modded Pokemon Go APK

With the help of modded pokemon go apk, players can do things that were not previously possible. Some website will claim they can get your rare pokemons or spoof your GPS to capture a pokemon which aren’t there before.

Modified versions of Pokemon GO are available for many Android devices. These mods allow you to accomplish things in the game that were not possible before. However, these modified versions are not legal and may be removed from the game by Niantic at any time.

Niantic has been cracking down on mods and cheaters, exploiters are quick to find glitches and create exploits but the game’s creators are quick to release updates that fix exploits players have found, but also create new glitches that players can find on their own. However, the hysteria surrounding Pokemon Go is not going away anytime soon it’ll just to on cycle.

What can we expect from the future of Pokemon Go? More bans for cheating, and probably more people creating cheats on the game, and a whole lot of people doing whatever it takes to keep up with the game’s evolving landscape.

GPS Spoofing

pokemon go gps spoofing

This action is a process of spoofing the GPS of the game where a piece of code will generate a fake pokemon go strings of code to the real server. The code creates a map of the game in your browser and then adding in all the pokemon, gyms, Pokestops etc.

We have to warn you that this may not work for everyone. Some people have reported that they cannot log in, while others have found their account banned after using the software.

Unlimited in-Game Currency

There are many fake pokemon go cheat tools that claim to be able to provide you with rare pokemon, in-game items and unlimited in-game currency like pokecoins. I have to tell you that all of those website are 100% FAKE and does not WORK!

No much tool can penerate on a game server and give’s you unlimited amount pokecoins without getting caught and get ban eventually.

There are many hacks available on the online to get unlimited pokecoins, almost all of them offer it to users for free! But they are not going to work and you will end up completing those surveys that doesn’t make sense.

Bots That Catches Pokemon Without Hard Work!

Automated bots for Pokemon Go are a very common problem in the gaming community. These bots allow users to cheat and catch pokemons without any effort. Defeating the game where you need to catch pokemons with hard work.

The Bots for Pokemon Go can be used to accomplish a number of things:

  • Collecting sets of Pokémon without any effort
  • Completing quests without having to play or interact with anything in the game.
  • Spoof walking using a fake GPS data and eventually finding rare pokemons and catching them even if you are just sitting of sleeping.


Unfortunately, most Pokemon Go cheats do not work at all. This is because they are either fake hacks or just old tricks. These fake hack developers are only want to make money by giving you a tool that does not work and making you complete surveys, giving them your personal email address so they can send you spam messages.

There are may be few tools that legitimately work but Niantic the pokemon go creator are working hard to detect these illegal activity and will result on getting your account banned.

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